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Loucifer Speaks is dead - Long live Loucifer Speaks!

Yep, Loucifer Speaks is different now.

Loucifer Speaks "the webzine" is now done. What with my novel writing and my other geeky hobbies, there just wasn't enough hours in the day to work on Loucifer Speaks as well. At least, not in that capacity. Besides, there are about a gazillion metal webzines out there (this may be a small exaggeration, but it can't be far off), so what was the point in continuing with my little site?

So, from now onwards, Loucifer Speaks will be home to anything I find cool. It will focus on music that I like, books, films and my gaming projects (largely Warhammer - both 40K and AOS) and the music I like. 

If you're looking for a fun metal forum, check out Metal Tavern on ProBoards.

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