Plaag to record new album

I’m currently in state of complete and utter excitement. Why? BECAUSE PLAAG ARE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM! I LOVE PLAAG!


Here’s a little something from their Facebook page:

We (or Plaag) will go in studio in april 2015 to record the album if everything goes to the plan. The album will be recorded at Daniel “Vrangsinn’s” (Carpathian Forest) studio since he will play bass at the record. Anders Kobro (Carpathian Forest) will do the drums, Negativ and Somber (Original Plaag members) will do the vocals and guitar. This album will be worth waiting for and buy. I will print cd’s, t-shirt’s and a limited versions of vinyl’s and there will also be some other merch made. You have something great to look forward too….


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Freebie of the Week – Sathamel

I’m on fire today! Two reviews (Toxic Waltz and De Profundis and now a new freebie!

Sathamel popped up on my radar when I was looking through the bands who were due to be taking part in this year’s M2TM competition. They’ve now made it through to the finals (which are taking place this coming Friday in Selby), so we’re in with a good chance of seeing them grace the stage at this year’s Bloodstock. Fingers crossed!


Their live demo, “(Sheol) Live Demo MMXIII”, is available as a free / name your price download from their Bandcamp page. Check it out below:


Formed Previously under the guise “Sheol”
Sathamel came to light after the apparent saturation of the name within the genre

Kruk – Vocals
Baal – Guitars
KVN – Guitars
Deimos – Bass
Valdr – Drums


CD Cardboard Sleeve

De Profundis – “Frequencies”

It’s no secret that I’m a MASSIVE De Profundis fan… so I was over the moon when I found out that they were releasing a brand new EP. I was even happier when I was able to add it to my MP3 player and listen to it while skipping down the road to work.

CD Cardboard Sleeve

If you’ve listened to anything that De Profundis have done before, then you may think that you have some idea of what to expect here. The truth is: you don’t. “Frequencies” is very different to everything that’s gone before. This EP is more immediate, while still remaining progressive. The doomier and blacker elements have been toned down, leaving us with a full-on, Death Metal extravaganza… which even concludes with a fantastic cover of Death’s “Crystal Mountain”.

“Frequencies” doesn’t feel like a continuation of the band’s previous full length album, “The Emptiness Within”. But, at the same time, it doesn’t feel like it’s a different band. I feel like I’m getting lost trying to explain this… but, basically, it’s the same… but different. We’ve got more or less the same ingredients (with the addition of new guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh – Hi Paul!), but end result is a little different. It’s good different though. Actually ‘good’ seems like such a pathetic word for this… It’s FUCKIN’ AWESOME different. Yes, that will do. It’s still not enough, but it will do.

My main (well, only) problem with this EP is that it’s an EP. It’s too short. Give us more music, De Profundis! C’mon, sort it out…

Also, if you don’t want to runaway and start a new life with “Singularity” then there is something wrong with you.

You can download the EP for free from the band’s Bandcamp page… or use the tasty lil widget below:

Rating: 100% (If you disagree, I’ll bite you.)

Edited because I noticed that I had a brain fart yesterday…


Toxic Waltz – “Decades of Pain”

Wow – it’s been a while since I wrote anything for this site! Unfortunately a combination of work and uni assignments has taken over my life, but I have managed to snatch back a few moments to write this review (and hopefully some more!) for you.


The sun is shining. This must mean that summer is here… and do you know what sounds great in summer? Thrash! Ladies and gentleman, let me present to you… TOXIC WALTZ! Toxic Waltz appear to be named after an Exodus track, so you should be able to gain some idea of what’s on offer here. This is thrash. It’s not, however, cut from the same cloth as Exodus. There’s certainly an influence, but Toxic Waltz are doing their own thing.

“Decades of Pain” is a heavy, head-banging inducing affair made to be LOUD. This thing sounds great played outside, kicking back with a couple of cold ones. There’s a strong focus on groove and melody and this succeeds in giving each track its own identity (especially “World of Hate”). Despite the clear aggression coursing through the lyrics of each track, this really is a feel-good album.

While Toxic Waltz are not a carbon copy of anything that’s gone on before them, they are not reinventing the wheel either. But, do they really need to? What they’re doing definitely works. It may not be the fastest thrash album out there, but it is not one to be ignored. It’s important to remember that Toxic Waltz are a relatively new band and “Decades of Pain” is their debut album. With that in mind, I can’t help but be impressed. I have the feeling that this will be a band to keep an eye on.

I have to be honest here… Usually I’m not really a thrash fan. I will usually go for Black Metal or Death Metal, but Toxic Waltz have gone some way in showing me what I’ve been missing out on.

Rating: 75%


ZØRORMR announces guest appearances on 3rd album

It’s been pretty quiet here on Loucifer Speaks lately (you can blame my uni workload for that!), but this fantastic news from the mighty ZØRORMR is the perfect thing to come back with!


Taken from ZØRORMR’s Facebook:

The third album is in it’s final stages of production. A month from now, in July, the recordings will be passed to Arek “Malta” Malczewski (BEHEMOTH) who is responsible for the mixing and mastering process of the new ZORORMR’s installment. You will be able to listen to the first single early this Fall.

“Working with Malta was a natural choice for the third album. He understands what I’m trying to say through my music. I know that with his unconventional approach we will deliver an album worth remembering!“ – says Moloch

But that’s not all! The legendary guitarist of MERCYFUL FATE & KING DIAMOND, Grammy Award Nominee, Mike Wead, has joined forces with ZORORMR and recorded an exciting lead in one of the best tracks on the upcoming album. Believe it or not, a dream come true! His performance is truly remarkable and adds real power to the track and a new dimension to ZORORMR’s music!

Last but not the least, my very good friend, Hal (VADER, ABUSED MAJESTY) has contributed some really hellish vocal tracks to the fastest piece on the record. A real show off for the Devil and a treat for fans who remember the good old “Serpenthrone” days!

There’s a lot more to be revealed but that’s enough for now. If you need more updates follow ZORORMR on FB for updates and bits & pieces of new music coming soon…

The last two albums were ridiculously good, so I really can’t wait for this.

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