Prehate – “2012″

2012 is, as far as I know, the debut release from Prehate, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is anything less than a professional release.

Prehate give you plenty of metalcore for your money. And it’s fast-paced, well-played metalcore at that. At times it can feel a little repetitive and I found that it took three or four listens to the album before I learnt where some of the tracks ended and others started. This is mainly due to the relentlessly fast pace kept throughout the record. While this is perfect for showing how skilled their drummer is, and (I would imagine) also great for a live show, it doesn’t translate too well here. It feels like I need one or two slower moments just so that I can catch my breath. Or, maybe I just need to do more cardio… I’ll let you decide!

While Prehate do seem to race through at the speed of light, they’ve also managed to make great use of melody – making the songs fast, aggressive and, most of all, really memorable. Their riffs are almost hummable. Don’t worry, humming is very metal. One track that especially stands out for me is the formidable “Life vs Death”.

In conclusion, this is a great introduction to the band and it’s also a great way for them to showcase their stuff and start getting fans to shout the name Prehate from the rooftops.

Rating: 72%


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