Celtachor – “In The Halls of Our Ancient Fathers”

It surprises me that there are not more Irish Celtic Metal bands. It also surprises me that I had to order to Celtic torc from the States… The world is a strange, strange place.

As you may have guessed from both the album cover and my introduction, Celtachor are a Celtic Metal band from Ireland. Their blend of Black Metal and traditional celtic instruments and melodies may not be anything new, but it does carry a sense of authenticity that’s lacking in many releases.
The album runs pretty much as you’d expect it to – there are no hidden surprises, but the music is good and that’s the main thing. The Folk Metal on offer here doesn’t feel like a gimmick; it feels honest. It feels natural for this Black Metal to co-exist with Irish whistles, etc. Also, this record takes on a more serious tone than a lot of Folk Metal. I don’t have the urge to get drunk and dance around when listening to Celtachor – instead I have the urge to get drunk and go to war. I’ll dance later… on the graves of my enemies…

While a lot of focus is on the folkish element, I’ve found that the riffs and rhythm are the main driving force. “In the Halls of Nuada” and “A Warning to Balor” are prime examples of this – we’re carried along by all manner of heaviness! On closer inspection it would appear that Celtachor are more about the Metal than the Folk, making them heavier than many of their counterparts.

I’ll admit that this album isn’t going to be added to my pile of favourites any time soon; Celtachor still have a lot of work to do. But, they are on the right track. This isn’t perfection, but it does hint that perfection could just be an album or two away. My advice to the band would be to keep at it… and get a better production job next time. This music could really do with a richer and fuller sound – it would really help the listener to pay attention and appreciate all of the aspects of each track. Repeated listens, however, do help with this.

In spite of the minor negativity regarding the production, this is still worth checking out if you’re in the mood for some Celtic Metal. Check out the BandCamp widget below for some freebies!

Rating: 76%



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