Lifeforce Records welcomes DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS

Lifeforce Records have annoucned that Polish blackened death metal act DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS has been added to their roster. The label say gave the following comment:

It was very easy to convince us with their qualities as musicians and as extremely professional and hard working people! The bands Lifeforce Records debut and third album “Simulacra” will be released July 30th in Europe and July 31st in North America.

Devilish Impressions mainman, Quazarre, gave the following statement:

“We’re very pleased to land this record deal with LIFEFORCE RECORDS. From all the offers we’ve got this one seems to be our best option at this point of the band’s career and we truly believe working with them will push us up a huuuge step forward. What impressed us the most was Stefan’s, the label’s driving force, work ethic and attitude towards DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS music. His seriousness and passion about the band let us believe this was the best choice we’ve made. The worldwide release of the “Simulacra” album will initiate our new partnership and we can’t wait to see where it is going to bring us in the years to come”

Despite having only two albums under their belt DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS quickly managed to put their name out there. Critically acclaimed records and intense touring along with some of the biggest names onto the metal scene made them one of the most promising acts on the European map of extreme music. After a row of personal problems that eventually caused several line-up changes and temporary stage absence, the band strikes back with the brand new opus called “SIMULACRA” and is now ready to take the scene by storm again.

“SIMULACRA” is the 3rd full-length by DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, considered as one of Poland’s leading and most innovative modern black / death metal acts. Wrapped in breath-taking artwork created by Xaay (NILE, KAMELOT, NECROPHAGIST etc.) the album also features guest appearances of Orion (BEHEMOTH, VESANIA), Jacek Grecki (LOST SOUL) and Roman Berežnicki (LECTER) as well as session synth / samples / fx appearance by Flumen (ASGAARD) and Lestath (METRANSMISSIONAL).

SIMULACRA – In Stores via Lifeforce Records:
July 27th – G/A/S + Digital
July 30th – Europe
July 31st – North America

A review of “Simulacra” can be found here.


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