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Loucifer Speaks is gone...

What's the deal?

What's the deal?

If you've come here looking for "Loucifer Speaks - the webzine", you're possibly going to be a bit disappointed. It's gone. Disappeared. Vanished. Dead.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, there's a shedload of metal webzines out there, of various shapes and sizes, and it seemed a little silly to keep running LS in that manner. Especially since I didn't really have the time. You see, I've finally been working on crossing something off my bucket list... I am now an author! Yes, a proper one... you can buy my books and everything. As you can imagine, writing stories takes a lot of time and effort, leaving me with little time to dedicate to writing reviews, sorting out interviews and posting band news. 

So, Loucifer Speaks has lain dormant for just over a year.

Then, on the 5th January (the day before my birthday - mark the date in your diaries for next year), I received a message from my hosting providers saying that some delightful people were abusing my site and using it to send out unsolicited emails. Not cool, guys. Not cool. So, I did something that I should have done long ago - I decided to delete the site. 

As I was working my way through file after file, I realised that I didn't really want to let go of Loucifer Speaks just yet, leading me to repurpose the website. As you can see, the tagline of the site is "Stuff Lou Loves" and that's going to be the bread and butter of the site. If there's an album or a piece of music news that I'm really excited about, I'll write about it.

But... it's not just limited to music.

I will also be writing about books that I've found, TV and films and... hell, I'll even be writing about writing. In addition to this, I'll also be writing about my new hobby: gaming. I never thought of myself as a gamer, but over the last few months, I've found that I really enjoy it (both tabletop stuff and PC stuff) and I've particularly found a huge obsession for Warhammer (both 40K and Age of Sigmar). So, there will be a bunch of posts about that as I purchase, make and paint models and use them in epic battles. 

I hope I've given you a nice little overview of what Loucifer Speaks is all about now. Basically, anything goes at this point and I'm very much looking forward to sinking my teeth into this project.

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